poslovna fotografija portret korporativna fotografija za podjetja

Korporativni portret direktorja Vaska Berdena

Vasko Berden, direktor podjetja NIL.

Rauch Slovenia Urban Stebljaj Svetlobne Iluzije

Fotografije slvenskih smučarjev za Rauch Slovenija

In December I was commissioned by Rauch Slovenia to take photos of Slovenian Alpine Ski Team to use in their advertising campaign. Brief was to make as many as possible different variations of portraits and group photos on white background to allow cut-outs later in post-production.

Lifestyle fotografije za projekt Oivo

It was a real pleasure to work with such a positive young professionals, led by Marin Medak with cooperation by industry design agency Gigodesign, who designed the smallest charger on the go.